Choose graphics card

Regarding this pre-sale you can as an option configure your BlackBeast Pro with the new AMD RX 6000 series from Powercolor, for superior performance.
Note: Limited availability.

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No fan noise
below 60°C

8K resolution

SpecsRX 6700 XTRX 6800RX 6900 XT
4K gamingUp to 57 FPSUp to 91 FPSUp to 120 FPS

Which graphic card is right for me?

We recommend RX 6700 XT if you want to boost your overall computer, play games with ease and reduce time spent on waiting.

We recommend RX 6800 if you want to enter 4K gaming and better performance for gaming or creative work.

We recommend RX 6900 XT if you need the best performance possible in gaming or if time is money.

If you still are not sure which graphic card you should use, please use the chat and we will help you.