It all started with a dream

When I bought the new MacBook with USB-C, I had high expectations. However, the laptop had few ports, underpowered performance and was not user-upgradeable. I wanted a portable setup which was also powerful enough to enable a desktop experience. We started with marketing surveys, concept website and general feedback from enthusiasts around the world. We learned that people also wanted the all-in-one experience and fell in love with the concept. After the feedback we started with the proof of concept to demonstrate our vision in real life.

A rollercoaster we won’t forget

Early in January 2020, we visited the world’s largest technology exhibition, CES. At our stand, three rudimentary MVPs were made available to potential customers and interested parties, in order to secure “eye-to-eye” feedback. The response was overwhelming positive and there was non stop visitors at our stand. Still, we were also met with opposition. Critical voices pointed out that our product did not have Thunderbolt certification, mainly due to the fact that our BBP had properties never before approved by Apple and Intel. And the fact none of the major players in this segment had developed and received certification for such a product did not make things easier for a small, bootstrapped startup from far-away Norway!

Nothing is impossible. Impossible just takes a bit longer.

Our conclusion was that people love the BBP as a concept, but that we needed to further refine the product and solve the certification issue. And although the arrival of Covid-19 served to slow down our progress, we managed to overcome the challenges voiced at CES, and the BBP received the first and only certification by Apple and Intel which combines the performance of a graphic card and the versatility of a docking station. To ensure a state of the art quality in the development of this unique product, both TUL Corporation and Minoko Design have helped with their expertise to delivery the product people thought was impossible.