Save money and the environment while enjoying super performance

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Save money and the environment while enjoying super performance

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Save time and money

BlackBeast Pro provides tremendous performance, excellent connectivity and versatile workflow for smooth execution of all your demanding tasks. With such power, BlackBeast Pro multiplies the performance of your laptop while being both future proof and backwards compatible. Saving your business time and money.


Multiply workflows without compromises

When working on projects your laptop may often experience lagging and even freezes. With BlackBeast Pro you can work efficiently on multiple projects without delays and interruptions, as the heavy lifting is taken over by your BlackBeast Pro.

We help you find the best configuration with our top tier partners

Choosing the best graphic card and hard drive for your setup may be difficult and time consuming. We help you ensure your BlackBeast Pro is configured to match your workflow and budget.

Business support

Our goal is to assist you in making your business more effective and profitable. The business support includes setup and optimization of workflow.

Sustainability for your business and our environment

When developing and producing the BlackBeast Pro, we always have the wellbeing of our customers and the environment in focus.

To ensure low environmental impact, BlackBeast Pro is made of recyclable aluminium. And, most importantly, there is no need for an additional desktop computer and no need to replace your laptop at the usual intervals. BlackBeast Pro at your service, with its excellent flexibility and user upgradeability.

The end result is: Saving the environment, saving money - while enjoying super performance!

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