How to improve your 3D renders

How to improve your 3D renders

There is a rising demand for high quality 3D renders or computer images. It is used to properly represent their product or building. Others want to gain more exposure through social media and banners for their business.

Rendering can take several hours to complete and are a consuming process. We will give our tips how you can deliver high quality renders to your customers in record time. Last, we will showcase how our product, BlackBeast Pro, can significantly improve your rendering.

Create a template

While building your business, you will also eventually create your own art style. You have your own taste and preferences when creating renders. All from lighting, textures and camera angles. One way to speed up your renders is to create a template which is universal for all your projects. Create your own textures, set the scene lights and camera angles. Then there are only minor changes when you open your client project. Saving you a lot of work while also sending out streamlined and professional 3D renders.

Choosing the right settings

When you are satisfied with your template you also need to tweak the settings. Try changing the options and export the render. Are there settings which takes significant more time, but is not giving much in details? The end goal here is to find the balance between time and quality and remember that you can have several templates for different quality stages. For example draft, final draft and delivery.

Using GPU rendering

If you don’t know the difference between traditional CPU rendering and GPU rendering, we have an article discussing it here. In short, GPU rendering is a lot faster than traditional CPU rendering. Make sure you are using a modern render engine which can take advantage of GPU rendering.

With BlackBeast Pro you can take advantage of superfast GPU rendering since you are enabling a desktop class graphic card. Additionally, BlackBeast Pro is outsourcing the heavy rendering which let you work with multiple projects simultaneously while rendering.

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