Comparing entry-level laptops equipped with BlackBeast Pro VS high-end laptops

Comparing entry-level laptops equipped with BlackBeast Pro VS high-end laptops

A high-end laptop often offers a lot more performance than the entry level laptop does. The high-end also cost a lot more than the entry level. In this article we will show you the difference between a high-end MacBook Pro vs an entry level MacBook Air with BlackBeast Pro. We will cover performance, versatility, cost and value.

First, BlackBeast Pro is a unique docking station delivering desktop class performance to your laptop. Unlimited customization possibilities let you install your favorite graphic card and hard drive while having all the ports you need to implement your desired workflow and charging your laptop simultaneously - Certified by Apple and Intel


The high-end MacBook Pro does have a price tag of $3500. Including an 8-core i9, 16GB of RAM, 1TB of NVMe SSD and 5600M with 8GB of RAM. The entry MacBook Air cost $999 and comes with 256GB NVMe SSD and 16GB unified RAM. Equipped with a BlackBeast Pro to $399, RX 6800XT with and a 1TB NVMe SSD the total price is $2147. Almost 40% cheaper than the high-end laptop.


While the high-end laptop can benefit from more performance all the time, you should ask yourself when and where you need to utilizing the better performance? In most cases you work within an office or home, connected to a monitor, keyboard, mice and other peripherals to expand your workflow.

When BlackBeast Pro is connected to your laptop you unlock a next generation of performance. The 6800 XT surpasses the high-end laptop multiple times. With its compact size it fits in your backpack, enabling a desktop experience wherever you go.



Laptops today also often lacks ports and is only equipped with USB-C. You must buy additional adapters to connect to external hard drives, SD cards and other accessories. BlackBeast Pro fixes that and comes with both popular ports and high-speed ports to let you create your dream workflow.


Lifecycle and value

This is an interesting topic. A major problem today is that the computer is not user upgradeable. If you need more performance, you need to buy a new computer which is bad for you and our environment.

BlackBeast Pro changes that. It’s fully customizable which means you can choose your own graphic card and hard drive matching your preferences and budget. When the hardware is showing its age, you can simply swap the old hardware with new and modern. The old hardware is also a lot easier to sell

So, when you are going to replace your high-end laptop, you need to spend another $3500, while if you have a BlackBeast Pro you eventually only need to upgrade the graphic card which is $679 for the RX 6800 XT. Your laptop will extend the lifecycle which both you and our environment are benefiting from.

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