Turn your laptop into a

Desktop Powerhouse!

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Limited time offer. Save $100 and get early delivery.

Turn your laptop into a

Desktop Powerhouse!

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Limited time offer. Save $100 and get early delivery.

World's First all-in-one Docking Station

BlackBeast Pro is a unique docking station delivering desktop class performance to your laptop. Unlimited customization possibilities let you install your favorite graphic card and hard drive while having all the ports you need to implement your desired workflow and charging your laptop simultaneously - Thunderbolt™ Certified

Built for Performance

Laptops today lack ports, have mediocre graphic performance and are not user upgradeable. With its all-in-one design, BlackBeast Pro gives your laptop desktop performance without compromises. Housing a desktop class graphic card, blazing fast NVMe SSD storage and all essential ports while simultaneously charging your laptop, BlackBeast Pro will get the job done regardless of the challenges.

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Pushes the Ultimate Limits

With this tremendous performance you can utilize a power-hungry graphic card, 8K displays and a blazing fast NVMe SSD to boost your workflow multiple times. In addition, you will be achieving excellent stability, as the “heavy lifting” is transferred from your computer to the BlackBeast Pro.


Fully Customizable

BlackBeast Pro is fully user customizable and lets you install a full-length graphic card and a blazing fast NVMe SSD according to your own preferences and budget.

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Daisy Chain

With BlackBeast Pro, you can daisy chain up to 5 Thunderbolt accessories to maximize your workflow. Such as adapters, monitors, storage – you name it!

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The most Ambitious Solution to Date

BlackBeast Pro combines the performance of an eGPU and the versatility of a docking station. It’s the most ambitious solution available and packs twice the PCIe lanes compared to existing products. BlackBeast Pro also prioritizes the bandwidth to your workflow for extreme performance across the board.

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Place it however you like

With the versatile enclosure, you can place BlackBeast Pro both horizontal or vertical. It gives you full flexibility to place it anyway that blends best into your workspace.

Ultra Quiet Performance

BlackBeast Pro features a thermal solution that keeps the system at a low temperature, with an auto fan speed control and start-stop power supply ensuring quiet operations. This combination makes BlackBeast Pro excellent for both offices and open workspaces.

Extreme Connectivity

With the combination of both future proof and popular ports, BlackBeast Pro takes your workflow to the next level and beyond.

The most Powerful and Versatile port

BlackBeast Pro offers connections with state-of-the-art speed and versatility. It delivers data transfer, video output, graphic acceleration and charging. With the integration of USB-C, convenience is added to the speed.

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Limited pre-ordering

BlackBeast Pro is soon ready for delivery, but before that we are selling a limited units for a reduced price. Secure yours today and get early delivery and over $100 in discount.

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Anything else you need to know?

If you have any questions regarding BlackBeast Pro, please feel free to use the contact form or messenger.